They report on the millions of dollars we spend on building hotels but never on the millions of children that starve every day.

They like to tell use we’re all different, you’re black, you’re white, you’re colored, you’re Shona, and you’re Ndebele, giving us all these labels only to gen up votes on racial and tribal lines. These political labels being exploited by incompetent opportunists and spin masters who support the politics of anything goes. They like to slice and dice our nation, divide and conquer, divide us into clusters, tell us where we belong, but I say to you, today we do not belong in any of their set groups or classes. No one is Black or white, we are one. They say united we stand, together we fall, but in no way can a million voices stand against a few individuals.

Let us blaze our trail to freedom, just as how our forefathers fought tooth and nail for our nation, from downtown Plumtree to the outskirts of iNyanga united we shall stand, together we will never fall.

We can put a stop to the injustice and inequality.

Patriotism has no political party. As I walk to school every day I see no shortage of patriots or patriotism, we all fall under one Zimbabwean flag, all of us pledging allegiance to the bird and stripes. I cannot eat till I fail to walk while my brother down town is famished, where has the oneness gone, Ubuntu, unhu?

Every day we turn a blind eye to helpless individuals begging for our help -yes let us not give them fish but at least teach them how to fish, what would it hurt?

Surely our nations conscience cannot rest when three quarters of the country is living in poverty, when 80% of the country is unemployed, when pensioners queue for more than 7hours, sleeping outside banks for their own money, when one is working more than 40 hours a week but is still living in poverty, surely our nations conscience cannot rest.

Zimbabwe we cannot rest, we cannot rest with so many children to educate, with so many schools to build not with so many jobs to create, Zimbabwe we can’t turn back, we can’t give up, let us hold on to that shred of hope and fight for a better future, if not for ourselves at least for our children, Zimbabwe we can’t turn back.

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