“We will never Rise”.

We shall rise

-By Vusumuzi Ngwenya

I shed a tear because I am hungry,

This meal I just had will see me till the day

After tomorrow.

Served with a plate of freedom

Its contents subjective like a mirage.

It is nothing close to the subject of my reasoning.


I shed a tear for my brother who cannot go to school

Because the last cent we had could only send me to

College to try and acquire a college degree.

And he has to spend the whole day reminiscing and salivating

Over the magnificent dream of flourishing without

Limitations. This vision is immediately ran over

By the structural positionality of his existence.


I shed a tear for my mother who is burdened by all this.

A woman of substance, the rock that can never slither

Or be smitten to smithereens.

My tears speak volumes, quantifying the magnitude

Of the mental immobility my brothers and sisters who

Are perpetually fed bread.

We’ve been blind folded, we know not where we are going.

A hopeless generation that lives in the Today.


I watch my little sister open Empty shelves hoping to meet up

With a miracle. Fortunately, for her she still looks above.

Gleamingly exuberant she believes in the African dream.

We have been waiting for our father’s pension for at least

Ten years now.

I’m sure they are waiting for the day Jesus appears.

Right now, our only source of happiness is being hopeful

For we will never find happiness in the present.

When they assume ‘we will never rise’ and impose

An abjectly retrogressive system, continuously inhibiting

Our happiness, they coerce us to be even stronger.


I recall all these events, tied and restrained in my own freedom.

We will rise.

We are young and rejuvenated.

The End.






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