When TechFest Flashed Bulawayo

Techfest 2017 Flashmob


By Craig Tanyanyiwa

Picture this, you approach Bulawayo Centre on a seemingly ordinary Tuesday afternoon, you are walking towards Hyper Taxi rank to catch your ride home after a long day’s work, school or “ukuphanda” (hustling). Suddenly, like something out of the scenes of Step Up 3D (a popular dance film), a group of dancers starts dancing, to a catchy tune, with extra cool moves. You are in awe and low key confused,then you realise you’ve just been flash-mobbed.


The above scenario just happened yesterday afternoon and Bulawayo was never ready. TechFestZw is pulling all the stops in this inaugural event. This was the first flash-mob in Bulawayo (as far as i am aware) and hopefully the first of many. According to the event organisers the intention was to create hype and inform the public that this event is happening in our beloved City of Bulawayo. And boy did it work! After the dancers disappeared the same way they appeared, people started asking what had just happened,  when it would happen again and more importantly, what is TechFest. I have to admit it was refreshing to witness this new form of marketing that not only informs but entertains.

You have just been Flash-Mobbed
You have just been Flash-Mobbed

I understand two more flash-mobs have been planned and the locations and times are still a secret,  as it should be. That is the essence of a flash-mob after all. So, should you be fortunate enough to witness this refreshing spectacle,  do join in, take images for the gram and tweet away, but until then try and make an effort to go see this festival and witness #BulawayoRising.

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