“Use your talent to make money”- ZiFm


By Sijabuliso Ndebele/Wiseman Sandile Ngwenya


ZiFM Station manager and Dj Mr Tonderai Katsande  urged upcoming artists to use their talents to make money, yesterday in Bulawayo.

Addressing guests at the TechFest, a multi-day innovation and entrepreneurship event currently underway at Rainbow Hotel yesterday, Katsande, more commonly known by his stage name, TK,  said growing artists should put their songs on radio stations.

“You have something but you are not doing anything about it, that’s a problem,” he said.

The Zimbabwean music industry is dominated by a few artists and yet there are many young and talented artists who are struggling to make it into the industry. Those artists have recorded many many songs but are not selling them.

Responding to the current ZiFM stereo station manager’s remarks, some local upcoming artists lamented getting their material on radio was not as simple as he put it.

“I think putting a story on radio is a good thing you do for exposure because there are a lot of people who listen to music but not many people come out to support the music,” said an upcoming hip hop artist, Youngman the EMCEE.

BlackLily a musician and poet shared those sentiments highlighting that some DJs do not play songs by unknown artists, and even when their songs are played they are not paid.#

“The picture that is portrayed is that we are doing you a favour. We are doing it for your exposure so don’t expect to be paid,” she said.

However, artists complained that exposure does not feed them or pay the bills.

Among other things that were discussed at thew event, TK called out for young people to be innovative and bring up idea proposals to ZiFM stereo.

“We need young people to start thinking about content and this content doesn’t have to be markup, next pageant or next singing talent. How about someone who will show us how “amacimbi” are harvested, for example, he said.

He said the station is looking forward to working with young and innovative people.