Touching Lives Africa Foundation donates to a satellite primary school in Epworth

By Melusi Manabe

A local Non-Governmental Organisation donated some desks, soccer balls and pencil schools to a satellite school in Epworth on Thursday with the aid of a Harare business firm.

With what was described as a life changing donation, Touching Lives Africa Foundation in partnership with Mhara Holdings unveiled 70 desks, 40 soccer balls and more than 400 pencil cases in donation to Open Tribe Foundation.

These donations will surely go a long way in their day to day activities , especially with the pencil cases which are well timed as 33 of the school’s grade 7 pupils are writing exams in Goromonzi.

Handover of pencils and books
Handover of pencils and books
Rabison Shumba Handing over desks to the Principal
Rabison Shumba Handing over desks to the Principal

In attendance where 7 volunteers from the TLAF with founding member, Rabison Shumba, and Nigel Ntasambo with Emmanuel Mwazha representing Mhara Holdings.

Touching Lives Africa Foundation Founder, Rabison Shumba, expressed his excitement and heartfelt sentiments about the support that the Foundation is receiving from corporates and individuals.

“We are excited when we see the support we are getting from both individuals and corporates towards alleviating challenges faced by our own people. Education of children remains a key focus area for us and Mhara came at the right time,” said Rabison Shumba.

Open Tribe Foundation is located in Overspill Epworth, one of Harare’s most poor suburbs. Families in the area survive on US$1 a day, with 95% of 450 pupils enrolled at the school not being able to pay for fees.

The school has 2 makeshift shades with no furniture with students having to make do with planks nailed together for benches, whilst young graders use the principal’s house. The event was a touching one as one would notice the smiles from the young graders as they for the first time used desks to write on instead of their laps.

Pupils using their laps to write on before the donation
Pupils using their laps to write on before the donation

Members of staff, parents and community elders were also grateful for the donations, to the school which also provides feeding schemes for pupils every day and the elderly twice a week or thrice depending on availability of food. The school currently has 12 members of staff and administration.

The Touching Lives Foundation also expressed some hope that Mhara Holdings will be even more generous as time goes on as they had seen the realities of the situation on the ground and the Foundation also calls to other corporates and individuals to come together and help such communities.

According to TLAF Media and PR officer- Harare region, Tony Manyangadze,

“This was our fourth official visit to this particular institution and each time we have gone with life changing donations from our friends and partners. A lot is still to be done for this institution and we are asking for help from anyone out there. Anything you have. It might be small to you but to someone in need it’s very big.”

In the same philanthropic spirit, the TLAF is inviting stakeholders to a workshop in Life skills for youths on the 20th of October in Caledonia. Its founder, Rabison Shumba who is also a motivational speaker, will be speaking at the workshop.

The workshop is being organised by ZiMwana Worldwide, a local NGO, which is in a process of building a school in the community of Caledonia.

“We have seen it fit to partner ZiMwana Worldwide in their quest to help young people to break free from drug addictions. We will give life skills to help these young people carve a new path and live meaningful and purposeful lives,” said Rabison Shumba

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