Teenagers With Influence- TechFestZW 2017


By Sijabuliso Ndebele

Rob Reiner said “Everybody talks about wanting to change things, help and fix,” but it took two courageous and innovative teenagers to stand up for customer ill-treatment by kombi operators.

Nowadays, society views teenagers as people who are wild and reckless about life. However, Hebert Ruwaza aged 19 and Rigney Muterisi also 19 who is a head boy at Mzilikazi High School have challenged these stereotypes.

The duo has come up with a platform where passengers can fight for their rights and report these ill-treatments to Kombi owners.

“We have come with an application that is called Taxi Care that is a middlemen between passengers and Kombi owners, said Ruwaza who is the co-founder of Taxi Care.

Rigney Muiterisi, the founder of Taxi Care said he was inspired by how passengers are treated when they are in a kombi.

“I have seen Kombi drivers speeding tremendously and when adults complain they are not tolerated. This has also increased road carnages where passengers’ lives are being put at risk,” he said.

Students listening to Herbert pitching Taxi Care
Mzilikazi High School Students listening to Herbert pitching Taxi Care

The Taxi Care proposal was highly accepted by kombi owners. They believe it’s a positive move that will help them protect customers and save their assets.

The Taxi Care is still work in progress and passengers are going to be informed more about it.

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