Man Rapes Grade 2 Pupil, Promises to Pay US$1

by Melusi Manabe

A Mkwasine man appeared before senior magistrate, Judith Zuyu, at Chiredzi regional court today facing allegations of raping a grade 2 minor on the 1st of October with the promise of rewarding her with US$1.

It is the State’s case that Bigboy Jakata of Manyika compound in Mkwasine, grabbed the accused (14) (name withheld to protect the minor) who was enroute to her aunt’s from her father’s house to her aunt’s around 1850pm. The accused put his hand over her mouth and forced her into his house before locking the door where he forcibly removed her underwear and proceeded to rape her, then promised her a dollar for her silence. rape-help-stop-rape-34818629-480-434

It was further alleged that the complainant could not leave Jakata’s house because she was weak but instead fell asleep up until the accused woke her up around 1 am telling her to go to her Aunt’s (name supplied) house.

The victim proceeded to her Aunt’s household, upon arrival her Aunt questioned her on why she came that late, of which the minor responded that she came late from her father’s house because she was eating sadza. The unsuspecting Aunt did not persist on the issue and slept.

However the truth came out the following morning when the minor’s father (name supplied) passed by the Aunts compound where he refuted the claim by the minor to have left the compound very late , instead He said that he arrived at the compound around 7pm when the minor had already left to go her Aunts’ place.

The minor later on revealed the rape to her Aunt after further questioning; leading to her showing her where the alleged rape had occurred and the case was reported to the police leading to the accused’s arrest.

“I was not suspicious that anything bad had happened to my niece, instead I thought she had gone to a nearby church service so I had to ask her privately where she revealed that Baba Evy (accused) had raped her,” the aunt said in court.

Jakata is pleading not guilty to the rape alleging that it was a ploy by the Aunt to revenge their alleged break up two years ago.

Upon being questioned by the senior magistrate why he had not revealed this during the witness’s testimony, the accused claimed that it had not occurred to him to reveal such information.

The minor who is a pupil at a local primary school has no birth certificate; the court had to use dental records to come up with an approximate age of 14.

A medical report was also submitted as evidence, showing that the minor had fresh bruises on her private parts suggesting forced penetration.

The minor stays with her father and step mother but sleeps at her Aunts place which is about 30metres away.

Queried on why they had such an arrangement, the father said that he only has one hut and a unfinished kitchen on his compound and that why he chose to let her sleep at her Aunts place who also has children of her own age who she could play with.

The matter will proceed on the 21st Of November 2016 where the accused will bring his witness.

Prosecutor Liberty Hove appeared for the state .


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