Lady Tshawe launches Online TV Show

By Angelbert Wamambo

I recall having a conversation with fellow creatives at one networking workshop where I shared an opinion that a true artist can do more than 3 or so other things out of their artistry. This confirms that they are adventurous and continuously explore the space out if their comfort zones. We’ve seen this especially in bios of South African & American artists where there’s more that three things they can do. For example if you sing then you’d also try being an MC, acting, radio & TV presentation, poetry, etc. One of Zimbabwe’s very own celebrated artists Lady Tshawe, has confirmed the awesomeness of my opinion by piloting a new fun and engaging TV show set for the internet titled Not So Funny With Lady Tshawe. I also love how as Zim creatives we’re exploring the internet (especially social media) to the fullest now and not just limiting ourselves to facebook or being skeptical of cost and response.

Lady Tshawe

Not So Funny with Lady Tshawe is an internet comedy satire, created by Taku Dzinoreva, directed by Tatenda Mkandla and produced by the Fusion Media Group. The show is aimed at informing the public on current affairs, entertainment news happening around them, with a joke or two in the mix. The purpose of the show is to give an unbiased view of the Zimbabwean and African social scene and landscapes through the opinions of guests from different spectrums of the arts industry and more. The show majors on factual information making headlines every day, be it front, back or the pages in-between so if you wouldn’t be knowing what’s trending, you’re welcome, and if you know then enjoy different views and twists to it all.

Mimi Tarukwana on set
Mimi Tarukwana on set

Hosted by Zimbabwean celebrated Poet, Actress, Vocalist and Author, Lady Tshawe, Not So Funny also features Comic sensation Nceku, who has a joke or two to share during the 20minutes of each episode. You’d want to look up Nceku on YouTube as he is the next best thing in comedy with a niche of Christian comedy among other types. The host, Lady Tshawe has been seen on many occasions perform on stage either in theatre plays, television and also just on stage. You’d remember her from the Zambezi Express and performing alongside outstanding acts such as Tariro Negitare, Albert Nyathi, Prudence Katomeni and many others.

The show features a live band and is recorded in front of a small audience that can be heard in the background. Every episode features a guest, who will take the role of studio co-host as Nceku is mainly out on the field doing “correspondence”. A crew of fifteen working in various departments on and behind the scenes make up the body of the show and dedicate their time to bringing outstanding service delivery in an industry regarded as inferior, story of the entertainment industry.

The show which premiered on the 13th of March with guest – Gilmore Tee, has some humorous, celebration of women’s month review of the National Arts Merit Awards 2017, awareness and sarcastic touch to the debut episode (something Gilmore is no stranger to).

“Gilmore Tee was the perfect individual to come through on the debut episode. He has an opinion and is not afraid of saying what he thinks, but of course with some sarcasm to the truth he will be telling. I have known him for a while and he just made it so smooth to go through the episode”, expressed Lady Tshawe.

The show will be airing every Monday at 6pm, with only 1 episode every week. The location of the set is club connect, in the city of Kings & Queens.

“In a space where we have a lot of people flooding social media, this opportunity came at a time when I wanted something new, different, something that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Instead of just sitting around and not being initiative, I thought this was a great platform to reach numbers across the globe, through YouTube and Facebook”, said Lady Tshawe

“I work with an outstanding team and am really happy to be presenting this side of me to the world. The team makes it easy to be a little bit crazy and have fun while working.”


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