Foodie: From Pitch Night Bulawayo to ITU in Bangkok

Foodie, a startup working from the TechVillage in Bulawayo, was one of the three Zimbabwean Startups exhibiting at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) 2016 summit in Bangkok Thailand this week.

Foodie is an online on-demand meal delivery service that was launched 5 months ago at Emerging Ideas’ Pitch Night Bulawayo. It’s a platform that connects people with a deep appreciation for food (foodies) with great meals whereby users sign up, order meals, give their foodie-stickerlocation and in no time at all their meals are delivered by Foodie  runners (delivery people).

After launching the startup, the founder mentioned that her team ran into a couple of challenges in trying to run an app driven on-demand service.

Ayanda Mhlanga, founder of Foodie, said,

“Running an app driven on-demand service involved building both the technology and the logistics side of the startup to ensure efficiencies in delivery getting this part right hasn’t been easy and we have had to learn from our users along the way”.

Although all these factors have slowed down progress for the startup, the modifications that resulted from these challenges have now helped the startup to surge forward and bring quality, convenience and affordable meals to its users.

Foodie is one of the three Zimbabwean startups that will be joining the global ICT community at the ITU 2016 Forum. The ITU summit, which kick-started on Monday and ending 17 November 2016, is a global platform to accelerate ICT innovations for social and economic development, where policy makers and regulators meet industry experts, investors SME’s, entrepreneurs and innovators. The event helps ideas go further, and recognizes global excellence in innovation for social impact.

Zimbabwe space at the ITU 2016 Summit
Zimbabwe space at the ITU 2016 Summit

The other two Zimbabwean startups participating at the summit are Protronics (a startup that is popularly known for creating an airtime vending machine) and Shift Organic Technologies (an agro-based startup popularly known for creating a smart greenhouse and “talking beehive”).

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