Elite 400 re-introduces “Going to the movies” culture.

By Crispen Rateiwa

Elite 400 has partnered with College Youth Art Club (CYAC) and Five Stars Entertainment to screen blockbuster movies under the tag, ‘Going to the movie Vol 1’ on Sat 29 April 2017. It is an opportunity for all players in the entertainment industry to get involved. All producers and consumers of entertainment services and products in Bulawayo should come to watch, network , enjoy and play a role in the revival of cinema culture.

From local movie production premieres to international blockbuster movies to comedy events to beauty pageants to hip hop events to musical concerts to book launches to awards ceremonies; Elite 400 hosts such entertainment and exciting events. Moreover, it is the only remaining cinema house in Zimbabwe’s second largest city.

Firstly, we wish to prove to everyone concerned that people are interested in reviving the cinema culture. We expect Going to the movie Vol  1 to be a ground breaking event. Elite 400 has agreed to avail cheap tickets to attract everyone, especially students and youth to watch any two blockbuster movies from a list that includes John Wick 2, The Fate of the Furious 8, Fifty Shades Darker and Pirates of the Caribbean . The movie screening is slotted for a prime time and date, that is, Saturday 29 April 2017 at 1 p.m. Movie goers and first timers have no excuse for failing to attend! For every ticket worth $2 or $2,10 if someone pays using ecocash, a movie goer will get a drink and a packet of popcorns. Let us #FillUPELITE400.

Secondly, we need local movie markers to re-consider investing in movie productions. We want them to feel challenged to screen their productions at Elite 400.  Since Qiniso, a local production that was glamorously premiered in 2015, we have not seen any big local production in cinemas.  We need to build on such success.

Thirdly, after the success of Going to the movie Vol 1, we want to inspire all our local cinema houses to invest in 3D technology. We can not have a sustainable cinema culture and creative industry without state-of-the-art cinemas. We need to keep abreast with latest technology.

Fouthly, the success of Going to the movies Vol 1 will necessarily inspire Going to the movie Vol 2.

Crispen Rateiwa is a publishing studies student at NUST and chairperson of College Youth Art Club (CYAC)


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