Akiliz Video: Such an Anti-Climax

Akiliz- by Ammara Brown


The build up to the release of Akiliz video reminds me of the wait we experienced during the coup that was not a coup, how we waited for the resignation of RG Mugabe as President.

Speculations, Theories, Fake news, all were the order of the day. Then when we all thought that the day had come, Sunday 19th November the world stood still, all eyes on Zimbabwe, the resignation of RG Mugabe was eminent until he said “Good night, Asante Sana”.

I am sure a lot of you remember the feeling, shock, confusion, disgust and disappointment just to name a few.

Well I felt the same during and after watching Akiliz Video. Yes the picture quality was good (well so was Mugove video during its time) and Ammara was sexy as always, that’s all that’s good about the video.

Let us talk about the Choreography.

What was that though? It lacked creativity, I don’t know if it was the choreography or the dancers because that was some lazy dancing. Where did you get the dancers? ZANU PF Chimurenga choir dancers would have done justice to the song. The dancers looked like those  pre-school kids who are just told to go on stage and move their bodies. You kinda feel sorry for them- they were almost invisible hiding in the shadows- wearing black against a black background while Ammara was wearing white.

Akiliz- Storyboard

Did people sit down and discuss that was the best way to portray the song because if they did they are not different from a cabinet that approved bond notes.

The video leaves you clueless like Mangudya, filled with Grace Mugabe’s rage and irrelevant like Mphoko. 

Lets spare a moment of silence for the “wannabe”  hunk whose presence in the video can be equated to the presence of once again – Mphoko in politics.

That video justifies why Akiliz took your money, hope he returns it though because you need it to pay for some creativity.

Asante Sana!!!

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