“Adaptability is the New Competitive Advantage”: ZiFM


By Melusi Manabe

Am sure you have heard the argument that new media might be the death for traditional media, with the arrival of internet along with social media sites such as Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook. Traditional media, like broadcasting (radio and television) and print media, has been actually been feeling the bite with advertisers now preferring to invest in the new media.

Radio has not been spared as the new generation turns to podcasts through their laptops and smartphones abandoning the conventional stereo.

However, ZiFm Stereo believes it has come up with the remedy for staying relevant and profitable through innovative ways. Like the popular saying goes “if u can’t beat them join them”, ZiFM stereo has integrated social media into their revenue generation

Tonderai Katsande aka Tee Kay, acting station manager at ZiFm, addressing student journalists and innovators in the ICT sector at the on-going regional TechFest said that as the ZiFm stereo family they believe that the only way to for radio broadcasting to stay relevant in this digital age they have to adapt to the new trends.

Audience paying attention during the Zi-Fm Workshop at the TechFest
Audience paying attention during the Zi-Fm Workshop at the TechFest

ZiFM, the first private owned radio in the country, has the largest following on social media making it the most popular radio station in Zimbabwe.


Capturing the moment for social media

With popular radio personalities such as Tee Kay commanding over 27 000 followers on twitter and ZiFm stereo on Facebook amassing 177, 937 likes (as of today), Katsande said they just had to financially capitalise on such an outreach.

They have since partnered with companies such as ZOL Fibroniks on social media through a hash tag dubbed #28daychallenge of opening a new avenue for income generation.

“Partnerships with ZOL have been successful and we want to compete at a global scale in terms of radio broadcasting”, Katsande added.

So be assured radio lover, ZiFM is set to raise the bar and in the words of Tee Kay “We want to be part of your lifestyle”

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